Workload, Stress and Profile...

As a Careers Adviser, do you struggle with these (and more)?

The videos below show you how we help Careers Advisers with these issues, reduce the "time eaters" in your job and help you get back to your core business of working 1 on 1 with students.

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At Career Tools, we understand that as a Careers Adviser, it is a huge and daunting task to keep up with the volume of information that crosses your desk each day, not to mention the frequency with which this information changes and finally the need to provide students (and parents) with accurate and up to date information in a timely manner.

Career Tools is a system designed to assist Careers Advisers with these tasks - in the areas of providing information to students and parents and also enhancing your communication with students and parents as well. We give you a range of tools to assist you with this - including:


Your very own school careers website:

We fully maintain the site for you and keep it up to date with all the latest information - you don't need to do anything other than let your students know that your School Careers program now has its own website for them to access. It has a huge amount of information in such areas as:


  • HSC, VCE, QCE, WACE, SACE, NTCET and Yr 12 Certificate Information (depending on which state you are in)
  • Information on University, TAFE and Private Providers
  • Job Information
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Defence Forces
  • School To Work Planning
  • Workplace Learning
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • ... and many more


..... and it's fully developed for your school - branded for you and runs on your own domain name - it's all about you and your careers program.

An example of some of these site designs is shown below:

The site has information on a large range of topics (see a screenshot of the page on "Apprenticeships" below) and it also acts as a portal where students can "jump off" to various organisational websites such as University websites, TAFE, The Defence Forces, and a number of other Government Agencies such as Centrelink.

To get an idea of the amount and variety of information on your website, have a look at our sample websites - follow the menu links and you will be surprised at what is there.

For NSW schools - Click Here

For Victorian schools - Click Here

For ACT schools - Click Here

For QLD schools - Click Here

For WA schools - Click Here

For SA schools - Click Here

For NT schools - Click Here

We also understand how important student's mobile phones are to them and that they now do a large proportion of their web browsing on their smartphones. So, we have also made sure that your site is also fully "mobile responsive". This means that when someone views it on a mobile device, it automatically reformats itself to it is able to be viewed properly on a mobile phone/device (see below).

Interchangeable "Widgets" on the Front of Your Site:

You can modify the look, feel and function of your website with the use of the interchangeable widgets (you can change what you have on your site and where they are located at any time).

These widgets include:


  • Job/Course/Scholarship Finder
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Facebook (feed)
  • Twitter (feed)
  • Compare Courses/Institutions
  • Quote of the Week
  • Uni Admissions Centres Course Search (UAC/VTAC/QTAC/SATAC/TISC)
  • Career Targets
  • Message board
  • Upcoming events
  • Student Recognition
  • Newsfeed


Newsletters - Written and Delivered For You:

Twice per term we produce a Careers newsletter. These are written by experienced Careers personnel and cover a broad range of Careers related topics. They are designed to  be engaging for students and parents with content on useful topics and are not just a listing of dates and events. Students and parents can subscribe to these newsletters via the form on the front of your site (see below) and then we ensure that they receive each one (you don't have to do anything). These newsletters are in addition to any you might produce yourself. We also provide you with the electronic version of these so you can copy and paste the content should you want to.


The Secure Student Area:

There is also a student login area of your site where students can create their own secure account, login and do such things as:


  • complete a Career Personality Evaluation
  • complete an Interests Test
  • do a Skills and Abilities inventory
  • do a Work Values excercise
  • complete an Entrepreneurship quiz
  • complete a simple or customised resume with multiple templates to choose from
  • create cover letters using a simple letter generator
  • do a mock online job application
  • create a Careers and Transition/Careers and Pathways Plan/Senior Education and Training Plan or Career Action Plan (and you can search all the information in the student plans)
  • create a Job/Career investigation report
  • create an online digital portfolio
  • get and/or record their USI
  • write a Personal Statement
  • complete an introduction to Workplace Safety

All student documents are saved in their secure personalised account - they are "living documents" that they can constantly edit and update.

The video below gives you an overview of what the students can do (please give it a few moments to load).


Custom Pages:

While most of your site consists of content we have developed or collated (and is 100% maintained and updated by us), we realise that you may have the desire or need to add content to your site that is specific to your school or situation. You are able to do this via the "Custom Pages" system we give you. This is as simple as typing up what you want on the website in a word processor, clicking the "Save" button and it is automatically added to your site. You have up to 6 pages you can use for this, including one "Secure Custom Page" which is within your student's secure area, so only students from your school will be able to see it and access it.


A Range of Communication Tools:

The second part of the Career Tools system is the tools that we provide you with to enable you to better communicate with your students and parents and provide them with accurate and timely information. These tools work hand in hand with your new careers website. You don't need any technical knowledge or skills, we provide you with a login to your own Career Tools account where you can simply enter the information and have it appear on your website.

There are tools such as:


1. A Yearly Planner/Calendar:

You will have a Yearly Calendar on your website (screenshot below) we enter all known events and dates of importance (for example, UAC/VTAC/QTAC closing dates and so on) for you. You can then add other dates and events of relevance to your students. Students and parents can sign up to receive weekly reminder/alert emails of all events coming up in the following week.


2. Scholarships:

On the "Scholarships" page, we provide you with a link to the scholarship search on the "Good Universities Guide Scholarship Database" website. In addition, we have a system where you can post scholarships that you know about on your website for students to see. It's as simple as logging into your account, typing in the scholarship information and clicking "Save". The scholarship information will then appear on your website.


3. Job Vacancies:

In exactly the same way as scholarships, we provide a system where you can enter any job vacancies that you become aware of and these are posted on your site for students to view.


4. Newsletters:

Again, with no technical knowledge or skills, you can post careers newsletters on you site by simply logging in, typing the name of the newsletter, uploading it and clicking the "Save" button. Your newsletter is then added to the "Newsletters" page of your site.


5. The Message Board:

On the front of your website, we give you a message board. You can place messages on this board for your students and parents. Again, it is just a simple task to type up the message, click the "Save" button and the message (or messages) will appear on the message board on the front of your site where everyone can easily see them (see below). If you have multiple messages on your message board, the messages will scroll through for you.


6. Managing Student Interviews:

We also provide you with a system where you can record details of student interviews. This allows you to recall what you have spoken about with students, so in subsequent interviews you have a place to work from and you know what areas you have already covered. There is the ability to upload documents to accompany a student interview record and you can also flag students for follow up and the system will remind you when this follow up needs to take place. This allows you to have all your student interview records and associated documents in the one place, accessible at the click of a button and is a great tool in today's era of accountability.

Note: Students cannot access records you have saved.


7. Personalised Email:

We have a complete system where you can upload lists of students or parents and then very simply compose an email and send it to them. All emails can be fully personalised by including the recipient's first name in it.


8. Social Media:

If you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account that you would like integrated into your site, we can do that. It allows students/parents to access your Facebook feed or Twitter messages right on the front of your site.


9. Lessons, Activities and Resources:

We we provide you with a broad range of Careers lessons and activities. There are over 50 at the moment, with new ones constantly in development and being added. These are designed for use either in a class situation or as self-directed activities for students. We also provide you with a range of teacher resources including newsletters, videos, powerpoints and more.


If you would like to discuss with us further how Career Tools can help you in the delivery of your careers program in your school, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss it with you.