"Career Tools is a must-have, brilliant resource. It makes my job as Career Adviser so much easier. Thanks to Kim and the Career Tools team, everyone who visits our school careers webpage thinks I'm a genius!! I would highly recommend Career Tools to any Career Adviser who wants an easy to use, inexpensive, very impressive resource. "

Eric Regoli - Mercy College Chatswood

"The Career Tools program fits our careers and transition programs perfectly. Parents and students can access the resource outside of school hours as well as during school time. It also helps make us look so much more professional! "

Dionne Court - Coffs Harbour High School

"Careers Tools provide an incredibly professional website for schools to present their careers-related information to students, families and future prospects. It can be personalised to the schools needs and operates with as little or as much input as you want. I have been making great use of the interview tool to record student interviews and sort students using targeted keywords related to their future career prospects. The resume builder and online digital portfolio tools are great and very user friendly and the home page collates all important careers information for students, staff, parents and carers. There is a secure student area and another for staff – both of which have proven invaluable to me. I can’t recommend the service highly enough. "

Luke Evans - St Brigid’s Catholic College

"It is my first year in the role of Careers Advisor and it has been a steep learning curve! I met colleagues who have been using the Career Tools program who recommended it to me. We have started using in in with our Year 10 Careers Classes in preparation for senior subject choices. It has also been a great help for me with chatting through options and future plans with Year 11 and 12 Students. I have had so many compliments on how great the website looks and the quality of the information available. Thanks Kim for providing such a great tool for us to use. "

Stacey Robertson - Annandale Christian College

"As a careers advisor, my inbox is regularly overwhelmed with important news and information that needs to be communicated to students and their families. Career Tools makes sharing this information with the school community so easy! "

Susan Edwards - Nowra Christian School

"Career Tools offers one of the best online resources I have ever used in my 20 years as a careers advisor. Congratulations to the whole team! The online portfolios won me over, looking forward to the video resume resources! "

Ian Pettit - St John Paul II College, Canberra

"Career Tools is a great resource and tool to support career counselling services. We use Career Tools in the David Osbourne Community Centre at Greensborough, where we provide career counselling services to the community under our charitable arm CEAV Career Counselling Australia. We have been working with the team at Career Tools to customise the tool for our type of services provided to the community. We appreciate all the effort and work that goes into the development of Career Tools, the support it provides to our members in secondary schools, allowing Career Practitioners to have more time to work directly with students. Thank you! "

Leah Pappas - David Osbourne Community Centre VIC

"Having a dedicated careers website has helped to raise the profile and knowledge of the services offered by the careers team. We've used it in counselling sessions, in class based activities and promoted it to the wider college community. It really is a one-stop shop for careers and pathways information. "

Lucinda Huffer - Wellington Secondary College

"The Careers website is a fantastic resource for staff, students and parents. The platform is user-friendly and the information is comprehensive and current. "

Deb Kempton - Champion Bay Senior High School

"Career Tools is my go-to resource, I encourage parents and students to use it constantly. This resource has a database which is logical and informative. The best allocation of funds from my careers budget every year. "

Brian O'Connor - Byron Bay High School

"Career Tools has been a wonderful resource for our school. It really is a “one stop shop” for our students, parents and teachers. "

Carol Fisher - Marymede Catholic College

"As I am of an age where technology does not come easily to me, I was initially reluctant to take up Career Tools thinking that it would require technical expertise. In fact, this has not been an issue.
I have customised the website and used it extensively with students at all year levels with increasing confidence. Moreover, on the occasions where I have needed support, I have found the help desk quick and most supportive. In short, Career Tools has not only improved my Careers program it has, at the same time, saved many hours of work. "

Keith Maughan - Cornish College

"It’s fantastic to know that we can refer students and parents to a site that we know it is updated regularly with accurate information contextualised to our state and school. "

Peta King - Eaton Community College

"I really love having important information for students, parents and staff to access in one location on my Career Tools school website. Great that I can add local news and events as well. "

Karen Horne -Alstonville High School

"I use Career Tools every day to record interviews, liaise with parents, employers and students. It is a fantastic all-encompassing website that students, parents, teachers and employers all use. I can’t think how the Careers Adviser role would be without out it! A+ The constant updates saves me 10’s of hours every week! Thank you Career Tools "

John Hassett - Marist College, Canberra

"Katherine High School is proud to be the first school in the Northern Territory to pioneer Career Tools. Too often Territory students don’t have access to the same resources as their peers down south but, thanks to the INCREDIBLE support and commitment from the Careers Tools team, access to career information has become more equitable. "

Anna Benson - Katherine High School

"Best PD information ever received; just talking to other Career Teachers put me onto Career Tools…..brilliant! After struggling to create something for over two years, was up and running within a week and already had heaps of hits and feedback from our community. "

Marion Behiels - St Mary MacKillop College

"Career Tools has been a great resource to maintain student records and careers conversations in a professional way. I use the Career Investigator with year 10 around subject selection time and it is a great way for students to thoroughly research a career of interest and summarise course options and prerequisites "

Amanda Chahine - Catherine McAuley, Westmead

"The Career Tools website that has been created for my school is my one stop shop. It allows communication with and the spreading of information to my students and their parents quite effortless.
The support that the Career Tools team offers is also so valuable and done within a very quick time frame which is very important in my role. "

Kathy Popper - The King David School

"Using Career Tools has greatly assisted our multi-campus college streamline our Career Development information resources onto a single, consistent, easy to navigate, well tailored and user friendly platform. It forms the backbone of the information-based service for our students, and without it our service would be far less prominent – having our own department website is a major & positive point of difference for students, staff & our broader school community! Oh, and Dave & Kim are an absolute breeze to work with. "

Scott Westray - Sirius College

"I am very impressed with this product. It is a fantastic one stop shop career resource for our school community and we use it for years 9-12. Such great value for the price. "

Maree Cansick - Siena Catholic College

"I have used Career Tools for over four years now. The site and information and ways of communicating with my students has helped to streamline some processes as Careers Adviser. Students effectively use the site and is a 'one-step shop' for information and starting their research. I also use extensively the Career Planner information and Destination Survey to help with gathering information. I would strongly recommend the site for Careers Advisers to help with their day to day work. "

Rhonda Willingham - Lake Illawarra High School

"Career Tools is a great resource for our school as it provides extensive career information for our students, parents and staff. This program is particularly helpful with having all our Career Action Plans in the one place. "

Voula Jakubicki - Wheelers Hill Secondary College

"This is hands down the most useful cross school Career Development tool. The ability to host the school’s Careers Page, have a teacher administration area that allows recording, tracking and evaluating students and finally the student secure area, which enables students to build and refine their portfolio as they progress through school allows all stakeholders within the school community the opportunity to engage in Career Development. "

Stephen Kernutt - Hale School

"My Career Tools website is my go-to resource. I love having everything centralised. Even though I’m the least “tech savvy” person on the planet I can manage the site and upload information with ease since I have little videos to tell me what to do step by step, as well as the assurance that technical help is only a phone call away. The resources in the Student section are high quality tools that are user friendly and of practical value. I really think every Career Counsellor should have a Career Tools site. "

Natalie Twine - St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

"Career Tools makes my job so much easier. I use the website daily and love it. "

Michelle Wood - Saint Francis De Sales, Leeton

"There are so many parts of Career Tools that I love. However, I find the ability to write notes on the system and can share with other staff who need to know the information a great resource. We have a number of staff who are invested in our students and not just me as the Pathways Advisor. VET staff who coordinate Work Experience, Traineeships and Apprenticeships etc. This gives us one stop place where we can have a coordinated approach to keeping each other informed on what has been happening with a particular student. "

Margaret Smith- Redlands College

"We have found Career Tools to be a fantastic central source of information for students and families alike as well as a very user-friendly location to store records of the kids activities. "

Phillip McDonald - Balcombe Grammar

"Career Tools is an excellent resource which is great value for money, very comprehensive, easy to use and saves me a lot of time. I highly recommend it. "

Joanne O’Bryan - St Thomas More College

"I have found the Interview record keeping facility fantastic.
It allows me to keep notes for all of my interactions and email to parents / staff
Have all of the Action Plans / Resumes / Cover letters in one place is fantastic.
The interest Careers testing and quizzes are a great starting point for any conversation.
I am able to refer staff to the site for information and careers lessons – Fantastic. "

Liz Rundle - Fairhills High School

"It has taken a while to get the staff educated about how useful this site can be, but as staff buy in, so do more students and parents. Everything in one place. Easy to use. Visually pleasing. I use it all the time. "

Beth Matsuto - Kingscliff High School

"Career Tools has been the best asset for Careers Education I have come across in many years. I have been a Careers Adviser for over 40 years! The team at Career Tools makes the design and use of the careers website so professional and so easy - even for me! Any queries are dealt with quickly. However, the quality of a product can be measured by how many questions you may have. Career Tools almost eliminates questions by their constant search for quality improvement and personalised service. I see my new website as a paradigm shifter in the Careers Education of parents, staff and students at my school. It is the 'one stop shop' for anything to do with 'Careers'. I am educating my school community to use this site for many things. I intend for this function to grow. For example, I am working with the Director of Teaching and Learning to incorporate academic goal setting with activities from my website for transition pathways goal setting. I am so pleased with this product and service that I have hosted a training workshop for regional colleagues - who were also impressed with the quality of the product and the reliability of the service. I intend to use and advocate for Career Tools well into the future. It is a fabulous product and service.
Thank you. "

Jennifer Hodson - Edmund Rice College

"What a fantastic tool for Careers Advisors. Makes our job so much easier on a daily basis. A one-stop shop!' "

Tanya Sheedy - Moorefield Girls High School

"Career Tools has become a key component of the careers education program at Eltham High School with its accessibility and wide ranging activities integral to great student outcomes. "

Ross Pringle - Eltham High School

"I would be lost without Career Tools. I use it to record all of my career counselling sessions with students, for class lessons and videos, to publicise events and guide students and parents for assistance with their career direction. The website the students use is amazing in particular the student secure area with the personality quiz, resume and cover letter templates and e-portfolio. The associated Facebook page has enabled me to publicise career events and celebrate student successes and has allowed access to parents that otherwise do not read the standard school newsletters. The team at Career Tools are always extremely helpful with any questions or issues although those are very few and far between as the way the system is set up with help videos and easy to follow lay out it runs smoothly. "

Sheree Cayirylys - Moree Secondary College

"Career Tools is an excellent resource I use for our school and students. It is practical and easy to use. "

Jaimie Weir - Casino High School

"Career Tools has been the best money I’ve spent this year! It is literally what it says – a “one stop shop” for all things Careers in our College. Every week I discover another awesome use for this website in our Career programs. "

Lisa McDonald - Saint Ignatius' College, Adelaide

"Since signing up with Career Tools I have never doubted my decision. The product is popular with students and families and the customer support is outstanding. "

Doug Hughes - St Phillips Christian College, Cessnock

"We have used Career Tools for a number of years now. The ability to tailor the website to suit our needs was one of the main considerations in choosing a careers website provider and Career Tools provides the flexibility we need. The support is amazing, Kim will usually respond to messages within the day. The website is innovative and updated regularly with new products and functionality. I would highly recommend Career Tools to any schools looking for a comprehensive career website. "

Rebecca Hunter - Donvale Christian College

"Career Tools is by far my saviour. For those of us time poor and trust me, that’s all of us, this is the best program ever!
Having the link on our school website means students and parents can access all manner of resources whenever they wish. Being able to direct a parent on applications for tax file numbers, work experience forms all the way through to pathways resources around labour market information through to University assistance.
Having the ability for students to book careers meetings themselves and then utilise that data is also one of my favourite features. The team who manage this while small are awesome and always available to assist if you for some reason can’t find a how to video on the extensive library.
Could not speak any more highly of this tool, it has literally saved my life! "

Sharon McCarthy - Western Port Secondary College

"Career Tools is an outstanding product with excellent service. I call it my one stop shop for everything careers related. I regularly receive very positive feedback from students, parents and the wider school community. I would recommend Career Tools to all Careers Advisers.

Kathryn Knowles - Waverley College

"I am eternally grateful for Career Tools – the website has been a God send! In our role as Career Practitioners we are usually the sole member of the Careers Department in a school, so life is mostly frantic. Career Tools helps reduce the stress and pressure to constantly send out information to students- it is one stop shop for all things Careers! Our students really engage with Career Tools and find it easy to navigate. The help team offer an invaluable service to me if I ever have any questions. I would totally recommend Career Tools to any Career Practitioner in a school. "

Clare Timmins - Siena College

"Career Tools is the ultimate one stop shop when it comes to careers support and administration in schools. The support team are incredibly responsive and the product has made a great addition to our program. We couldn’t recommend it more!!! "

Melinda Williams - Parade College

"Career Tools is an invaluable resource for our students and us!
It is an easy to use website, that we can also adapt to our needs (without having technical skills!).
We regularly use Careers Lessons, Resume Builder, Careers Newsletter and the resource links.
The support we get from Careers Tools is exemplary and timely.
I would highly recommend this resource to any Careers Adviser that wants to use an up to date and comprehensive resources. "

Caroline Watts - Dubbo College

"I could not do this job without this resource as it is current, professional and the support team are so helpful and engaging. "

Naomi Gill - Trinity Catholic College, Goulburn

"I have found Career Tools to be a valuable resource to use with the McAuley College students from Year 10 to Year 12.
Career Tools has a tremendous amount of content for teachers, students and parents that allows students to make considered career choices.
Kim provides excellent professional development and is quick to respond if any assistance is needed.
I can highly recommend Career Tools for schools. "

Rod Paton - McAuley Catholic College

"Career Tools is a one stop shop for Careers in Schools. Students have everything at their fingertips, all information is up to date, easy to use and find resources. Every school should have it in the Careers program. "

Beth Crossman - St Joseph's College Echuca

"We have been using Career Tools in our school for the last 18 months. We now use the Career Tools page as our Career Guidance page on our School website as we can include our own information and make use of all of the fabulous links provided. The service provided by the team at Career Tools is awesome, any issues are dealt with in a timely manner and communication is terrific. I recommend Career Tools to any colleagues from other schools that I meet at various PD’s I attend. A fabulous resource for teaching of Career & Enterprise and Career Education, the lessons are very useful when you have teachers from other areas teaching Career Ed. This has made my job so much easier when having parent meetings, they are often very impressed that all the information is available in one place. "

Belinda Walker - Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School

"Career Tools provides great value for money. It is a fantastic resource that helps our students but also our parents to have a great launching pad of information. "

Catherine Green - Torrens Valley Christian School

"Career Tools is a great platform! Super easy to use, lots of relevant resources and a huge time saver given that there is no need for content management. I highly recommend it. "

Kosta Moraitis - William Ruthven Secondary College

"Thank you to the Careers Tools team for making my work as a Careers Advisor a lot easier. I have especially enjoyed utilising the careers personality, Interest testing and off course the resume builders with the students from St Mary Star of the Sea College. Your speedy responses to questions that I have asked is also very much appreciated. "

Pauline Judd - St Mary Star of the Sea College

"I cannot speak more highly of the wonderful Career Tools career website. Career Tools staff provide excellent, fast service with any queries and are constantly updating and improving the functionality and resources. It is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for students, staff and parents to find career pathway information, management of student career activities and provides links to so many websites and resources. "

Christine Blazek - Bright P-12 College

"Our college has been using Career Tools for about 4 yrs now and as a career practitioner I find CT invaluable.
It is a very comprehensive information hub; it is incredibly easy to use particularly the resume builder and cover letter function and is updated regularly with all the additional information a career practitioner needs and uses.
The skills and interests tests students can take on the website are an invaluable insight for the student and an essential tool for the Career Practitioner.
The upgrades are constant and comprehensive and the help if/when needed is fast and friendly.
Of all the annual subscriptions I have, the Careers Tool subscription is the one I cannot do without. I can't recommend this website highly enough. "

Derry Caulfield - Dromana College

"Teachers are amazed with the breadth and availability of the tools and content and as a school it is an extremely valuable ‘one stop shop’ place to create and store things, for every student. "

Kerry Cheeseman - Warrnambool College

"Tenison Woods College implemented the Career Tools site in early February and it has quickly become the hub for all career-related activities. We have incorporated our PLP activities around the features of the site ensuring that Year 10 students build a Career Plan that evolves over their senior school years. In particular, we utilise the ability to log every meeting so that relevant staff always have a timely and accurate record of conversations had with students. We have gone on to create our own pages on the site, and to regularly post messages and jobs. The site is super easy to use and the feedback from students and staff has been outstanding. We highly recommend the site! "

Jody Elliott - Tenison Woods College, Mount Gambier

"Career Tools provide our school community a one stop shop for career development. Great resource! Highly recommend to any schools looking to increase awareness of career development in a student/parent friendly way. "

Karen Skinner - Edward John Eyre High School

"The CareerTools website has been a game changer in my role. It has allowed me to streamline my processes significantly and saves me so much time and effort which allows me to focus on other areas of my job. It is an incredible resource for our students and parents that allows them to access information how and when it is relevant to them. I can't recommend it more highly!"

Annika Williams - Northern Beaches Secondary College, Balgowlah Boys Campus

"We are exceptionally happy with the Career Tools product and service.
This is revolutionising the way we work in careers and pathway planning.
It has been the greatest efficiency and productivity tool for both staff and students.
I have had a number of people contact me to run them through the way we are utilising it. All the support strategies are great and it's such an easy product to self learn after the initial presentation."

Shary Umemba - Broome Senior High School

"Just a note of congratulations to your team. I showcased the website today at a senior staff meeting and everyone was cheering and praising what a great tool and resource the website will be for our students."

Deb Freeman - Corpus Christi Catholic High School

"Your site has changed my life. I love it! I feel so much better at my job now that I can track my student interviews and specific research for them in an efficient way. Thank you so much!"

Tatiana Bye - Newman Senior Technical College

"Absolutely amazing! Talk about the more you look the more you find.....it's not too much to say this will revolutionise how we deliver careers information in the future."

Andrew Wallace - Ballarat High School

"I find the Careers Tools website to be a wonderful asset to our school's Careers program. There is absolutely no doubt that the evolving technologies will continue to play an increasing role in ensuring relevance, quality and speed of service to our students. As someone who is not confident with the use of technology, Careers Tools has made it possible for our school to look like we are at the cutting edge. The Careers Tools staff are outstanding and are always ready to provide support. They approach their relationship with our school more like a partnership than as if you were just another customer, and they are quick to respond to requests to have content or new ideas included. I cannot recommend Career Tools more highly."

Simon King - Illawarra Sports High School

"A fantastic tool to help get careers news, events and information to students and parents. Easy to use even for not so tech savvy people. Wonderful people to assist if you need help. Brilliant!"

Sheree Cayirylys - Moree Secondary College

"I was introduced to this website a few years ago at our career network meeting. I love this site - its like having an extra staff member - its comprehensive, its intuitive, its easy to use. It can be as much or as little as you want it - my recommendation is make the most of it."

Derry Caulfield - Dromana College

"As a new Careers Adviser, this website has helped me enormously as it is updated constantly. The support from Career Tools is so helpful and timely. Nothing is too much trouble and very good on communication if things are not working/disrupted. Support workshops are invaluable. This helped me survive my 1st year so I am very thankful."

Naomi Gill - Trinity Catholic College, Goulburn

"An excellent site that provides a comprehensive resource readily accessible to students, parents and the program at school is also further informed and better able to support the career pathways."

Ian Watchirs - Smiths Hill High School

"An easy to administer and effective careers tool. If I have a question, I only need to 'book a call' with Kim or send an email for a quick response. The support has been excellent."

Kay Woodhams - Normanhurst Boys High School

"The Career Tools website is an amazingly easy to use and incredibly informative tool designed to ease the massive communication load of career practitioners in schools. I had been searching for a way to better communicate vital and useful information to students, parents, staff and the community and was lucky enough to discover Career Tools. The website is professional, impressive and totally up to date and relevant to the needs of Victorian Secondary Schools. I could never go back now that I have this resource at my fingertips, and most importantly so many of our kids and parents have commented on its ease of use and its usefulness for pathway planning and career search options."

Jodie Waller - Bacchus Marsh Secondary College

"I have been using the Career Tools website for the first time this year 2012 and have found it to be a fantastic tool for both myself and the students. It has freed time up to do all the things that are inevitably short changed at the end of the day. Both parents and the students have found it easy to navigate and get all the information they need at one site. Also it has made the delivering of information quick, easy and most importantly very efficient. It has definitely made my job easier and has I believe been a catalyst for some rewarding outcomes for students."

Paul Smith - St Pauls High School, Booragul

"You are doing an amazing job. Love the site and love the fact that issues are promptly responded to or actioned. Have recommended the site to many others."

Jennie Lubbe - Kings College

"I am new to careertools. It's very reassuring to have such friendly assistance and timely responses from Kim."

Penny Morrison - Georges River College (Oatley)

"My new website has engaged our entire school community into career education which includes parental involvement in such an important part of their students' education. It is easy to use, and of course easy to find on the web. My students have responded positively and a large numberengage through the Facebook link. This aspect gives me quick response to messages sent which has made part of my job easier."

David Turner - James Fallon High School

"We are new to the Career Tools network, but I have nothing but praise for the team at Career Tools for their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. The site itself is both informative and user friendly which makes a great difference to our students who have already reaped the benefits of such a resource."

Michael Kelly - MacKillop College

"Career Tools has taken management of my Careers Program to a whole new level. It is truly revolutionary."

Trish Papalkar - Leeton High School

"Career Tools has added a whole new dimension to the Careers Program at Murray HS and it still has enormous potential for future development. I love it."

Greg Smith - Murray High School

"I would recommend Career Tools to every Careers Adviser. The website that is created is full of the most useful and up to date information that is available to students of all ages."

Matthew Godsell - Callaghan College (Wallsend)

"Camden Haven High School has been using Career Tools since 2010 and found it a great communication and labour saving resource. Having an attractive dedicated 'Careers' website gives the faculty a professional look. Students respond by increasing the level of responsibility for their pathway planning, including subject selection. It is a resource that is evolving all the time and the feed back I have given has often been incorporated into that process. The lesson bank is great if you need time off at short notice - hard copy or online the covering casual will easily cover your classes."

Tony Dickenson - Camden Haven High School

"Our school is a small K-12 independent school, and my role is necessarily only part-time, which means students seeking Careers Counselling or advice frequently have to wait until a day when I am at school, even for simple answers. The new website created especially for us by Kim Redmond and the Career Tools organisation will be a wonderful advantage for our students, being always accessible and covering most routine questions, giving up-to-date, relevant information in a form they find most acceptable. We are able to edit and modify the website to suit our needs as they change throughout the year and over time. Kim's support is invaluable, prompt and responsive. She is always positive, friendly and helpful. We have been able to link our website reciprocally to the School's website, and we intend to use the “Destination Survey” information to help start an alumni association. The website itself has raised the profile of Careers throughout the School, and its use by students will develop during 2013 and I expect that it will prove to be a great support and lead to mutual role reinforcement. We are very grateful for this valuable tool."

Donna Lance - Heritage Christian School